Morristown Municipal – Heavy Duty Working-Professional’s Airport

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Morristown Municipal Airport (MMU) - A rare Public Airport with International Flights Imagine this:  After a drive to Morristown Airport, you park by the terminal for free.  At 7AM you board quickly without going through a TSA security check point.  You and your work colleagues take a comfortable, direct flight.  It is an 800-mile meeting.  [...]

NJ Monthly’s Top Restaurant in Morris County

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  NJ Monthly's Pick of Best Restaurants New Jersey Monthly's Dining Reviews Offer a Long List of Morris County Establishments The majority are in Morristown, but the western part of the county is also well represented.  Alice's overlooks Lake Hopatcong and across to Sussex County. Flanders has White Birch, which was listed in [...]

NJ Population Centers in 12-years Time

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Sea level rise won't effect Morris County directly. Populations moving away from the coasts however, will bring both opportunity and resource stress. Climate scientists have given earthlings twelve (12) years to get ready for the dramatic effects of climate change.  Let's take a look at what that could mean, if true.   Here's where we [...]

Sugar snow!

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At last the snow storm we deserve! Villa Walsh Academy Frelinghuysen Park in Morris Township It starts Friday night when everyone's asleep. We wake up to clear roads and mild temperatures.  The snow wet enough to make snowballs and snowmen. Perhaps not perfect for sledding, but a thick enough layer to [...]

Jersey Girls Don’t Pump Gas (COLI series #5)

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Jersey Drivers Don't Pump Gas Morris County Cost of Living Series Transportation costs factor heavily (10.46%) into the Cost of Living (COLI). So, we are tracking gasoline prices quarterly and entering them into our COLI index.  (Along with the cost of balancing a set of tires.)  Imagining that NJ has high gasoline pricing?  Not so, [...]

Marvel Comics For Free!

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Marvel Comics Books For Free! The Morris Automated Information Network - our library system - now offers card holders 90 comic books through its digital platform.  So, you can enjoy Marvel titles such as Captain America, Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, and Thor free for free read using an app on a laptop, [...]

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Ari Soroken, former CFO of bai brands to speak at Pitch NJ Evening, April 2nd

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Ari Soroken, former CFO of bai brands to speak at Pitch NJ We are very fortunate that the keynote speaker at Pitch NJ will be Ari Soroken. He is famous for bringing bai beverages to market.  He's hailed as one of the most successful startups in NJ.  In the case of bai brands - Hamilton, New [...]

Pitch NJ – “Shark Tank” for Teens

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"Shark Tank" for Teens Morris Tech Meetup and MCEDC are supporting Business Bootcamp in a first for Morris County's Vocational School district - A business pitch-to-investors competition for high school students.  Start-up culture fits perfectly with youth culture - the excitement of presenting a creative idea with the courage that comes from a willingness to [...]