Why isn’t Morris County part of COLI? Bergen, Essex and Middlesex are! #2 in Series

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Why Morristown and Not Morris County? Morris County Cost of Living Series The data used for NJ currently are these three urban areas:  Bergen-Essex, Newark and Middlesex.  When MCEDC decided to participate in the Cost of Living Index (COLI), we considered whether to put in Morris County or Morristown.  We couldn't do both. The choice [...]

What’s it Going to Cost to Live Here? (COLI series #1)

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Cost of Live in Morris County - We're Competitive We home-towners know that Morris County offers more than most places one could live.  Furthermore, the place doesn't nickel-and-dime you.  You pay your entrance fee (taxes) and you get a smorgasbord of offerings.  (More on this later!) That isn't enough though.  Individuals and families seek to optimize [...]

Sponsorship opportunity: Pitch NJ – “Shark Tank” for Teens

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Sponsorship opportunity: Pitch NJ - "Shark Tank" for Teens Morris Tech Meetup and MCEDC are supporting Business Bootcamp in a first for Morris County's Vocational School district - A business pitch-to-investors competition for high school students.  Start-up culture fits perfectly with youth culture - the excitement of presenting a creative idea with the courage that [...]

NJ’s Life Sciences Cluster Middle-of-the-Pack says JLL

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NJ's Life Sciences Cluster Middle-of-the-Pack says JLL The real estate giant, JLL (shortened from Jones Lang Lasalle) publishes an annual list of geographic life science clusters - ranked from most vibrant and evolved to viable, though nascent.  They identify sixteen areas.  New Jersey ranks 8th. JLL's 2018 Rankings of Life Science Clusters - click [...]

Life Sciences Space in NJ is Highly Cost Competitive

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Life Sciences Space in NJ is Highly Cost Competitive Jones Lang LaSalle Inc (JLL) is a real estate business so large, they have their own research department.  One of the sectors they study is Life Sciences.  In addition to North American cluster comparison, they also provide a focused analysis for New Jersey.  According to JLL's [...]

The Affluent Move in and Out of NJ at Equal Rates

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The Affluent Move in and Out of NJ at Equal Rates The most prominent data available about household moves across state lines comes United Van Lines' National Movers Study, 2018.  One might imagine that the conclusions are based solely on the most prosperous households.  Apparently that isn't so. If we look at the size-of-pie-slices data [...]

New Jersey Move-Outs vs Similar Sized States

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New Jersey Move-Outs vs Similar Sized States Much is being made in the media about NJ ranking #1 in percentage of people moving out vs percentage of people moving in. See News12, NJ Business Magazine, and USA Today. Journalists are citing the 2018 National Movers Study. The data comes from United Van Lines, the nation’s [...]

Jobs are Why Households Move to NJ

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Jobs are Why Households Move to NJ When United Van Lines asked their customers why they were moving into New Jersey in 2018, the top answer (62%) was “job”.  The second most stated reason for moving in (28%) was “family”.  The three other choices: “lifestyle”, “heath” and “retirement” were single-digital percentages.  [Still, ~65 households moved [...]

A Message from the Executive Director

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I hope that you are reading this from a sunny beach or mountain getaway before returning to a busy fall ahead.  I am glad to announce that Morris County continued to see strong economic growth over the past year.  Morris County’s gross domestic product (GDP) – the measure of total economic output – has $53 billion [...]