NJ Monthly’s Top Restaurant in Morris County

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  NJ Monthly's Pick of Best Restaurants New Jersey Monthly's Dining Reviews Offer a Long List of Morris County Establishments The majority are in Morristown, but the western part of the county is also well represented.  Alice's overlooks Lake Hopatcong and across to Sussex County. Flanders has White Birch, which was listed in [...]

Property Taxes in Morris County – the highs and lows

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The average property tax bill in 2017 (the last year for which we have data) is $10,262 in Morris County.  That is 4th from the top.  Essex County, at the top of the list and our next-door-neighbor, weighs in at $11,919.  (At the bottom of the list is Cumberland County with an average property tax [...]

NJ Population Centers in 12-years Time

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Sea level rise won't effect Morris County directly. Populations moving away from the coasts however, will bring both opportunity and resource stress. Climate scientists have given earthlings twelve (12) years to get ready for the dramatic effects of climate change.  Let's take a look at what that could mean, if true.   Here's where we [...]

Cost to Purchase a New House (COLI series #7)

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Brand New Construction Purchase Price for a 4-bedroom Home Morris County Cost of Living Series The house purchase item carries 70.9% of the weight in the Housing Index.  With the mortgage rate, housing (when purchased) is 19.90% of the weight for the Composite Index, making it by far the most heavily weighted item priced. The houses [...]

Rent for a New Apartment in Morristown (COLI series #6)

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Update 3/18: State-Level Cost of Living Indices my have meaning if your "state" is Washington, DC.  However, if your state is California, or even New Jersey or Massachusetts, putting all rents in a blender and producing one average has little predictive meaning.  That said, the small size of NJ and the wealth in pockets near [...]

Chester’s 39th Science Fair is a pipeline for STEM talent

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Chester's 39th Science Fair is a pipeline for STEM talent Chester, NJ's Science Fair  is one of the states largest. It provides a competitive opportunity for K-8th graders, make-your-own CO2-propelled race cars, as well as exhibits of birds, snakes, police technology etc. Community members and judges (wearing lime green) view upper elementary school projects. [...]

Sugar snow!

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At last the snow storm we deserve! Villa Walsh Academy Frelinghuysen Park in Morris Township It starts Friday night when everyone's asleep. We wake up to clear roads and mild temperatures.  The snow wet enough to make snowballs and snowmen. Perhaps not perfect for sledding, but a thick enough layer to [...]

Jersey Girls Don’t Pump Gas (COLI series #5)

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Jersey Drivers Don't Pump Gas Morris County Cost of Living Series Transportation costs factor heavily into the Cost of Living (COLI). So, we are tracking gasoline prices quarterly and entering them into our COLI index.  (Along with the cost of balancing a set of tires.)  Imagining that NJ has high gasoline pricing?  Not so, even [...]