MCEDC supports Choose NJ and Bio NJ at BIO International

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MCEDC supports Choose NJ and Bio NJ at BIO International. Making the case for companies expanding to or relocating to Morris County. Scenes of NJ and Philly below are from the New Jersey delegation breakfast. Where we came from: NJ    

Quality of Life Index (COLI series #9)

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Comparing Morristown to other NJ Areas where COLI is calculated. Cost of Living Index Series Monmouth University tracks the quality of life in NJ through polling data.  Five questions are posed: Overall opinion of the state as a place to live. Ratings of one's hometown. Performance of the local schools. The quality of the local [...]

NJ Population Centers in 12-years Time

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Sea level rise won't effect Morris County directly. Populations moving away from the coasts however, will bring both opportunity and resource stress. Climate scientists have given earthlings twelve (12) years to get ready for the dramatic effects of climate change.  Let's take a look at what that could mean, if true.   Here's where we [...]

Pricing Food in Morris County (COLI series #3)

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Measuring Food Costs in Morris County Morris County Cost of Living Series Let's take a closer look at the data used to compare Morristown's basic costs to (say) costs in Newark, Manhattan, San Diego and elsewhere.  The Council for Community and Economic Research has participants track the price 66 items.  We will be submitting data [...]

Marvel Comics For Free!

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Marvel Comics Books For Free! The Morris Automated Information Network - our library system - now offers card holders 90 comic books through its digital platform.  So, you can enjoy Marvel titles such as Captain America, Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, and Thor free for free read using an app on a laptop, [...]

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