Fabric at Sew Jersey

Here’s a startling fact:  of the three remaining quilting supply stores left in NJ, two of them are in Morris County.  (Burlington County houses the third.)

We’re fortunate to have these shops keeping this quintessentially art form alive.  Needle crafts have fallen in popularity over the decades of the 21st Century.

Knitting and crochet seem to be making a comeback, if independent stores and linear feet of the yarn aisle at Michaels is any indication.

Needlepoint and embroidery are harder to gauge.  Needlepoint benefits from custom silk-screening printing technologies so designed are easily customized.  No more selecting from a meager selection of kits.  The venerable Mary’s embroidery shop is doing well in Millington.

Quilting though tops the genre in terms of artistry and practicality.  Knitted sweaters and needlepoint church kneelers are used periodically.  Quilts on the other hand, can be used nightly, year-round.  Museums curate quilts in a way they don’t collect knitted scarfs.

Heirloom Quilts

The two quilting supply stores in MC sell into different markets.  Heirloom quilts in Long Valley focuses on traditional designs and color schemes.  The sort of quilts that pair with period antiques.  Sew Jersey, in East Hanover, leads with bright color schemes, batik patterns and children’s themes.  Both produce beautiful outcomes, as shown in photos here.



House in Long Valley displaying classic quilting patterns on fence

Long Valley Finish my Quilt