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The average property tax bill in 2017 (the last year for which we have data) is $10,262 in Morris County.  That is 4th from the top.  Essex County, at the top of the list and our next-door-neighbor, weighs in at $11,919.  (At the bottom of the list is Cumberland County with an average property tax bill of $4,152.)

Average Property Tax Bills of Municipalities in Morris County

Property tax bills within Morris County vary considerably.  Dover’s average is $6,130.  The tax rate is $2.576/$100 of assessed value.  Average property value is $237,937.

The wealthier areas, like Harding Twp, tax at a lower rate:  $1.130/100.  The average property value though, is $1,234,271.  The average tax bill is $13,946.  Students in Harding often attend private schools in the County (or Essex County).  Public school students join Morristown/Twp.

Mendham Township is the home of luminaries such as our former governor Chris Christie.  The average property tax bill there tips the scales at $19,195.  They share a school district with Mountain Lakes, where the tax bill averages $20,471.