Morristown Municipal Airport (MMU) – A rare Public Airport with International Flights

Imagine this:  After a drive to Morristown Airport, you park by the terminal for free.  At 7AM you board quickly without going through a TSA security check point.  You and your work colleagues take a comfortable, direct flight.  It is an 800-mile meeting.  It helps that there are complementary snacks and beverages.

The free baggage hardly matters since you will be back by 5PM.  Then home for dinner.   Let’s say you flew to Montreal and back;  there’s customs on site.  Still can be home for dinner.

Imagine no more.  This is Morris Life for over 700,000 flights a year.   80-90% traveling less than 1000 miles.  Chicago and Florida, by the way, are the nominal limits.  That said, there are planes in the Signature hanger that can fly to Tokyo non-stop.  The Trump helicopter is there for when Airforce 1 lands and the President needs to get to his golf course for the weekend.

The scheduled charter service available is out of Cincinnati Ohio.  A banking institution that new business in Bus into the city.  Come back at night then go back to Cincinnati.

Note: If you would like information on our Ultimate Air Shuttle service from/to Cincinnati, please visit or call 330-497-3344.