We are a team of AI experts, industry veterans, and trusted advisers. Simply knowing AI is not enough – combining AI with vertical domain knowledge and business experience is essential. We come from many areas including Finance, Healthcare, and Media. We have expertise in horizontal solutions such as sales, marketing, and customer service. Our network includes experts who are brought in on an as needed basis allowing us to span multiple industries, and provide some of the best talent without exorbitant costs.

Springboard.ai bridges the gap between Executive Management and AI/Data Science.

Sample Engagements:

  • Advisory: leadership coaching, strategy, roadmap, ROI analysis
  • Innovation with AI: lean methodologies, workshops, expert presentations
  • AI Products: “what’s possible,” market assessment, startup methodologies, POC
  • Machine Learning: predictive analytics, deep learning, POC models
  • Conversational AI: for marketing, sales, education and support
  • Research: competitive, technical and market
  • Education: workshops, training, “lunch and learn”
  • Vendor Selection: research, recommendation, negotiation

To learn more about Springboard, please visit: springboard.ai