Marvel Comics Books For Free!

The Morris Automated Information Network – our library system – now offers card holders 90 comic books through its digital platform.  So, you can enjoy Marvel titles such as Captain America, Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, and Thor free for free read using an app on a laptop, tablet or phone.

Titles can be accessed for 30 days before the system “returns it” to the library. Happily, there are no limits per person.  Here’s the procedure 1f you go into MAIN through the Morristown and Township Library.

  1. Go to “search catalog”
  2. Choose “eAudio, eBooks, & eMagazines” from the left hand sidebar
  3. Choose “eMagazines (RBdigital)
  4. Scroll down to see comic book selections.

Alternatively, you can cut-and-paste this URL:

You’ll need to download an Adobe Digital Additions reader (or a phone app).  Once that’s done, you can check out a version and enjoy.

For more information, click here.