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There are many key Morris County industries. Morris County’s strategic location in the New York–New Jersey Area, robust talent pool and workforce, and wide range of affordable and flexible commercial real estate options make it a prime location for companies from a variety of industries. In 2016, the county employed more than 300,000 workers in the area. Morris County’s target industries include advanced manufacturing, technology, health services, aerospace and defense, and finance.

The county is recognized as a select location for corporate headquarters and supporting facilities. It is renowned for its quality of life and hosts a strong regional infrastructure supported by a multi-tiered workforce. Combining all these conditions are what make Morris County a strong business environment.

Morris County is recognized around the country as a select location for corporate headquarters and supporting facilities. It is renowned for its quality of life and hosts a strong regional infrastructure supported by a multi-tiered workforce. These conditions combine to create one of the strongest business environments in the United States. Morris County’s closeness to Newark Airport and JFK Airport, not to mention the county’s own local airport, serve as an opportunity for business travelers who regularly book direct flights to dozens of U.S. and worldwide markets.

Approximately 555 main headquarters are located in Morris County. Out of this number, 111 sell goods and services internationally, 59 identify in the national market, 101 identify in the regional market, 34 serve the local market, and 250 identify in more than one market.

Morris County is known for distinct comparative advantages in aerospace and related industries, including our deep reservoir of skilled talent, our expansive ecosystem of aerospace supplier firms, and our unmatched capacity to research, create, design, build, and export aerospace related technologies, products, services and processes. Because of these advantages, Morris County is uniquely positioned to serve existing and attract future aerospace and defense-related programs. Aerospace companies that are located in Morris County include Arconic, L-3 Communications, Marotta Controls Inc. and Alion Science and Technology. For more information, click here.

Manufacturing, both traditional and advanced, is vital to Morris County’s economy. It accounts for nearly 11% of the county’s GRP. Today, innovation, leading -edge technology and top talent drive advanced manufacturing processes serving multiple sectors. Morris County’s diverse manufacturing base includes concentrations in pharmaceuticals, metals, plastics, production technology, and scientific instrumentation. We are an exceptional location for advanced manufacturing based on our competitive costs and available talent. Access to existing freight rail infrastructure makes the transportation of raw materials affordable and efficient for manufacturers within the county. For more information, click here.

Morris County is the epicenter of New Jersey’s biotechnology industry and has emerged as a nationally recognized life sciences hub. The presence of global companies such as Novartis, Bayer, Alvogen, Allergan, Euroimmun US, Pfizer, LEO Pharma, and Ferring Pharmaceuticals make the region attractive for additional investment. Life Sciences is a significant industry sector for Morris County and having a strong core group of major biotech companies creates a unique sense of community that creates opportunities for funding, networking and business growth. Additionally, Morris County is a choice location for packaging, distribution, compliance, and contract research organizations. For more information, click here.

Morris County has a wide range of health care facilities that serve the community. These include Atlantic Health System, St. Clare’s Health System, Lincoln Park Care Center, and Greystone Park Psychiatric. According to U.S News, Morristown Medical Center; part of Atlantic Health, is ranked #2 for being the best hospital in the state and is also ranked highly as being one of the best hospitals in the nation. The center is a 678-bed general medical and surgical facility with 34,871 admissions in the most recent year reported. It performed 12,368 annual inpatient and 16,091 outpatient surgeries. Its emergency room had 83,596 visits and houses more than 1,095 affiliated doctors. For more information, click here.

Given the density of corporation located in the county, information technology has become one of the largest employment clusters in Morris County, directly supporting over 21,416 jobs. Our region has many strengths in the IT sector, including: software development and publishing; interactive media development and technologies; cyber security; and wireless technologies and applications. FinTech’s growth in Morris County, for example, is due to the county’s emergence as a hub of tech talent. For more information, click here.

Another growing industry sector in Morris County is that of Transportation and Logistics. With Interstate 80, Interstate 287, Interstate 280, U.S. Route 206, U.S. Route 202, U.S. Route 46, Route 10, Route 24, all present in Morris County, it is no wonder companies seeking an efficient access point to major north-south and east-west transportation routes would locate in Morris County. The existing infrastructure makes it easy for businesses to serve both local and regional customers. Presently the employment in this industry sector is approximately 1,761. For more information, click here.

From the physical moving of dirt to the employment of advanced communications in outer space, the Engineering Services industry in Morris County covers a vast range of disciplines including construction and infrastructure support, environmental and geotechnical engineering, specialty engineering and product testing. Morris County has seen robust construction in recent years, spurred by commercial, residential and infrastructure improvements. With the need for engineering services in the fields of transportation, energy, environmental and architecture, leading firms in Morris County include Langan Engineering, Gensler, Jacobs Engineering, and Louis Berger Group.

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