Jobs are Why Households Move to NJ

Responding to Click-Bait Series

When United Van Lines asked their customers why they were moving into New Jersey in 2018, the top answer (62%) was “job”.  The second most stated reason for moving in (28%) was “family”.  The three other choices: “lifestyle”, “heath” and “retirement” were single-digital percentages.  [Still, ~65 households moved into NJ to retire!?  Wow.]

In fact, more households moved into NJ for job and family than moved out for those same reasons.  The data tells us what we-who-live-here already know – New Jersey is a job-and-family state.

More People move into NJ for Jobs and Family than move out.



In the doughnut chart, the inner ring shows the relative percentages of those moving into the state.  [That is, the households using United Van Lines for the move in.]  This can be compared with the outer ring which shows the relative percentages of those moving out of the state.

The data also tells us that New Jersyans either stay put or move themselves across state lines.  The traffic in/out of NJ is modest compared to other states.  One might also guess that, because we are an immigrant-friendly state, many households pack the car or rent a truck to move in.   When they gain enough wealth, they can afford to hire someone to move them out.  There’s an outflow of wealth from this state because that why people came here.  Apparently, the system is working. 

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