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Workforce and Economic Development

Workforce and Economic Development brings together community colleges, offices of economic development, workforce boards, labor market entities, employers, and other organizations to improve the economic prosperity of business, workers, and communities. Working with public and private sector partners, MCEDC provides support to colleges to promote the alignment of priorities, strategies, and resources with those of workforce and economic development partners in response to regional labor market needs.

Job Posting Data

There were 700,851 total job postings for your selection from September 2016 to August 2018, of which 208,080 were unique.  These numbers give us a Posting Intensity of 3-to-1, meaning that for every 3 postings there is 1 unique job posting.

This is close to the Posting Intensity for all other occupations and companies in the region (3-to-1), indicating that they are putting average effort toward hiring for this position.

Occupational Quick Facts

  • 775 Occupations increased by 19,366 from 2012-2017 (6.6%), less than the national growth rate of 8.2%. The occupations are projected to increase by 10,783 from 2017-2022 (3.5%), less than the national projected growth rate of 6.0%.
  • Regional job concentration for jobs in these 775 occupations is 1.00 times the national job concentration. In other words, there are 0% more jobs in these 775 occupations in this region than we would expect to find in the average region.
  • Cost of labor in the region is above average. The median earnings for 775 Occupations in the region is $22.73/hr, which is $4.94/hr above the national median of $17.79/hr.
  • There were 3,350 relevant completions from 12 institutions in the region in 2017.

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