The Affluent Move in and Out of NJ at Equal Rates

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The most prominent data available about household moves across state lines comes United Van Lines’ National Movers Study, 2018.  One might imagine that the conclusions are based solely on the most prosperous households.  Apparently that isn’t so.

If we look at the size-of-pie-slices data given to us by United Van Lines, nearly half of all households that moving in or out of new Jersey earned less than $150K.* That’s serious money, but not crazy-rich in NJ.

More than two-thirds (2/3) of households made less than $100K/year.  It’s just speculation, but we might guess that those of modest means are being reimbursed by corporations.  Knowing what we know about jobs being the big influencer of moves.

This doughnut chart provided shows the relative percentages of those moving into the state – the inner ring. This can be compared with the outer ring which shows the relative percentages of those moving out of the state.

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*The proper way to make this comparison is to crunch numbers for in and out since they are not the same size pies.  That is why the article is being purposefully vague on the absolute values – the number of households.  The reason we’re stopping here for this blog is diminishing returns.  How useful would detailed information be?